Welcome to Virtual Montmartre

Within the Virtual Montmartre environment will be relevant content related to artistic, historic, geographical, musical and literary activities occurring in Montmartre during the early part of the 20th century.
The hope is that this environment will be of use to those studying the period of specific artists, historic, musical or literary figures who lived and played in Montmartre.

Special thanks to Yves Mathieu, Director of the Lapin Agile who allowed us to realize the first virtual visit of his Cabaret, the only genuine remaining one from the early 20th century in Montmartre.

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A very special thank you to Carol Knight of Central Missouri State University for all the long hours spent compressing videos files so that we may offer our users more than one option while visiting Virtual Montmartre.


Origins of the Project

Faculty members around the world attend conferences for a variety of reasons. Some go for a teaching renewal, some to keep current in their disciplines, some go to establish collaborative connections, and others go to present new research. The 1998 Digital Resource in the Humanities annual conference at the University of Glasgow was an occasion where scholars gathered to discuss ideas related to new and innovative research aimed at bridging the gap between the Humanities and technology.

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